I already own too much climbing gear...
— No one ever


$50 Referral Offer


We want to reward our Community
We are offering a limited time offer to all existing members to refer their friends to sign up for either an EFT or Annual membership, for each person that signs up under your name you will receive $50 to spend in our gear shop!

Membership Referral Deal Image.jpg

It’s always better to climb with your friends.
They help you figure out beta, give extra psych and in this case score you free $$ to spend in our pro shop.

How do I get my voucher/s?
Just tell your friends how much you love being a part of the bayside community and convince them to put your name down as the referrer when they sign up for an EFT or Annual membership via our website before the 23rd September.

When will I get my voucher?
As long as your friend/s are still valid members on the 10th October then you will receive your voucher in that week and it will be valid for the rest of the year.

How many vouchers can I get?
Well that all depends on how many friends you have… If you have lots of friends or are a very persuasive person then you could get yourself plenty of $$$ worth of vouchers! (No limit to how many you can get).


These credits can be used in conjunction with your membership discount, so if you are looking to get out climbing this spring season, now is your chance to take advantage of your membership and bring your friends along!

Offer valid for first time members only. Fair use conditions apply. Promotion period may end sooner at management discretion.